Successful Induction of ESSA Interim Commissioners

IMG-20190127-WA0005[1]The Emavulandlela Swaziland Scout Association successfully conducted an Induction Training for the newly appointed Interim Commissioner’s Council in December 2018IMG-20190127-WA0005[1]
The historic exercise which was held in Mbabane at the Scout Hall, was attended by over 20 participants. Facilitating in the training were experienced Leader Trainer from National Scout Association and the Director for the training was Mr Rodgers Lukhele, a seasoned trainer and former member of the Africa Scout Committee.

Participants were inducted on ESSA Strategic Plan and priorities for the year 2019 will include the following Areas:
1. Youth Program
2. Adults in Scouting
3. Youth Engagement
4. Events
5. Community Development
6. Communications
7. Environmental Programs
8. Gender and Women Empowerment
9. Partnerships
10. Scouts Solar Program

The Interim National Chairperson, Princess Dzelisa, was also present to share word of wisdom with the uniformed section of the NSO and challenged them work hard in order to achieve their assignment.

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