Eswatini Scouts to Celebrate 2019 BP Day at Dvokolwako High School

The Annual Founder’s Day (BP Camp) will be held in Dvokolwako High School in the Hhohho Region on 22-24 February 2019.

Camp Fee is E50.00

For Information, contact the National Executive Commissioner at 76036104 or the Regional Commissioner Hhohho at 76906548 or the PRO at 76933891.

Detailed information will be circulated soon SAM_0489[1]


One thought on “Eswatini Scouts to Celebrate 2019 BP Day at Dvokolwako High School”

  1. Founders Day celebrations has been always left remarkable moments at Eswatini!

    Preparing for the Founders day are at advancement stage and hoping to receive huge numbers of Scouts from all corners of Eswatini!

    Dvokolwako High school as a site for our Founders day in 2019 has good camping requirements with an Hospital just by the gate, a big river for bathing and swimming, next to tarred road, an array of shops for shopping purposes, a nearby Police Station for safety purposes, good open grounds for pitching tents, a large number of classes to accommodate those without camping tents, a big multipurpose hall for the main day whenever weather is not good, an array of sporting codes for outdoor activities, e.t.c.

    Come one, come all and rejoice on our Founders born day!

    God bless Eswatini Scouts!

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