Lomahasha Scouts Lead the Way in Community Engagement

The Lumbombo Region (District) is taking a lead in Community Engagement Programs. The Scouts under Lomahasha Area are currently involved in a series community project which has led into opening of an Area operational Office in Lomahasha.
The Lomahasha Scouts are conducting periodic visits to churches around the area to sensitize the community about the Scout Program. They have also involved in the Chiefdom Royal Kraal and the Tradional Leaders of the Lomahasha Community has allocated scouts a piece land to be used as camping ground and meeting place for scouts in the Lubombo Region.

Leading this initiative is the Lubombo Scout Deputy Regional Commissioner, Mr Vusi Mandlenkosi Kuphala.

Scouts in other part of the country are encouraged to initiate community projects.

The Association request for financial support towards this initiative which will benefit the young people in the community. Those willing to support this project can contact the National Executive Commissioner at +268 76036104 email: nationaloffice@swaziscouts.org

One can also contact the Lubombo Scout Regional Commissioner at +268 76715310 or The Deputy Regional Commissioner at +268 78163080



One thought on “Lomahasha Scouts Lead the Way in Community Engagement”

  1. This is very nice Lomahasha and also encouraging us as other areas to reiterate on Youth Engagement!

    Indeed a fire starts as a light and becomes indefinite bubbles of flames!

    Eswatini Scouts on the move!

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