UNICEF unvelis U-Report Program to Swazi Scouts

UNICEF Swaziland has unveiled the U-Report program to scouts during training at the IDM Campus Matsapha. This program, to be launched soon, has proven to be most effective tool in Uganda; hence Swaziland Scouts, as a leading youth movement in Swaziland, we are more than ready to take lead in this program.

U-report is a free SMS-based system that will allow young Swazis to speak out on what’s happening in communities across the country, and work together with other community leaders for positive change
They will:
■Speak out on what’s happening in their community
■Use U-report results and information to update and increase citizen’s awareness
■Participate in nationwide campaigns to help improve the country
■Share what’s happening around Swaziland with other U-reporters
For more information on U-Reporters in Swaziland visit www.swaziland.ureport.in


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2 thoughts on “UNICEF unvelis U-Report Program to Swazi Scouts”

  1. Hoping the lives of the swazi citizens beyond scouting will benefit from this programme.so my question is,is the 8500 to be used or it was just an example by Eugen?

    Can other than the U-report,scouts be eligible to maybe posting their daily views on scouting?

    1. Thanks Ernest for your comment, yes 8500 is being used for U-Report already in countries like Uganda, it will also be used in Swaziland as soon as the program is officially launched

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