UNICEF unveils U-Report Program to Swazi Scouts

UNICEF Swaziland has unveiled the U-Report program to scouts during training at the IDM Campus Matsapha. This program, to be launched soon, has proven to be most effective tool in Uganda; hence Swaziland Scouts, as a leading youth movement in Swaziland, we are more than ready to take lead in this program.


U-report is a free SMS-based system that will allow young Swazis to speak out on what’s happening in communities across the country, and work together with other community leaders for positive change

They will:

■Speak out on what’s happening in their community

■Use U-report results and information to update and increase citizen’s awareness

■Participate in nationwide campaigns to help improve the country

■Share what’s happening around Swaziland with other U-reporters

For more information on U-Reporters in Swaziland visit www.swaziland.ureport.in


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